Come Closer, by award-winning playwright Ciara Elizabeth Smyth, will have a reading at the Clonmel Junction Arts Festival on July 6th at 1 pm in The Dome. Come Closer is set in a near-apocalyptic world where a mother and daughter house their last tenant as the coastline crumbles, soon devouring their property. Reliving their lives and attempting to orchestrate final new experiences, the show asks, if time is running out, what would you want? And what are you willing to do to get it? Tickets are free and are available on the link below!

Tickets for Come Closer

Following the reading, Gúna Nua in collaboration with Catriona Fallon will host a talk about sustainable theatre at the Main Guard at 3:45 pm. With global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and place sustainability at the forefront, the conversation surrounding how the theatre community can do its part is more important than ever. We hope to see you there!