1. To create new work for the stage.
  2. To develop a working method which enables the full involvement of theatre practitioners from different disciplines at the earliest possible stage in the play-making process.
  3. To use this working method for the creation of new work, and to adapt this working method for the theatrical production of existing texts.
  4. To use modern theatre techniques to bring a vibrant, dynamic and, above all, entertaining form of story telling to the stage.
  5. To achieve excellence in performance through intelligence, integrity and passion.
  6. To produce work which is contemporary in thinking and which reflects the concerns and interests of the times, in order to attract a young theatre-going audience.
  7. To reach the widest available audience, by marketing the company’s work through as many media as possible.
  8. To establish direct contact with audiences through touring and workshops, by finding new venues and unusual locations to produce work, and to ensure access for all, including marginalized and/or disabled audiences.

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